About Me

My passion for drawing both during and after my university studies has made me focus on this medium as means of artistic expression. Moreover, my keen interest in primitive, ethnic and tribal art as well as pictorial sources from different cultures of the world, such as paintings on cave walls, Greek busts  and sphinxes, has helped me create numerous collections with these subjects as their main theme. It is clear that because of my interest, understanding the cultural and pictorial roots of Iranian art is of great importance to me. I have studied and closely examined the valuable heritage of Iranian art in different eras. The imaginary creatures in Iranian literature, murals in caves in Lorestan, animal designs on pottery, reliefs and mixed sculptures in Persepolis have been among the most important and influential examples in my career. In recent years, in addition to these, because of my interest in understanding different forms and meaning of drawing, I have been able to create other collections, in which I have tried to explore new ways of expression and understand new pictorial horizons.